Launched in 2018, Ishitva Robotics Systems aims at solving real-world problem of Waste by building efficient solutions based on industry 4.0 tools, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT. Effective sorting of the waste is currently the weakest link in creating circular value chain. Therefore, to avoid dumping and burning of the dry waste, we particularly focus at creating effective and efficient sorting system to improve both quantity as well as quality of recycling activities.

Our solutions use computer vision to make sorting more efficient at different stages of the waste value chain. With our proprietary algorithm ‘ishitvAI’, we have been able to achieve automated high volume and better quality sorting in fraction of time as compared to human sorting. We have one of the most comprehensive image database for waste classifications and being a self-learning tool it is enhancing its capabilities every passing minute.

With a futuristic vision of revolutionizing the recycling industry, today we provide solutions that enable circular economy by efficient and automated picking, sorting, and segregation of dry waste materials. Our current solutions include SUKA AI-powered Air Sorting, YUTA AI-powered Robotic Sorting, Netra AI Vision system, and Smart bins.